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James Oliver James Oliver

James Oliver

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Offered Services

Emergency medicine
Emergency medicine 0 Service(s)
Medical genetics
Medical genetics 0 Service(s)
Obstetrics and gynecology
Obstetrics and gynecology 0 Service(s)
Dermatology 0 Service(s)
Family medicine
Family medicine 0 Service(s)
Pathology 0 Service(s)
Psychiatry 0 Service(s)
Surgery 0 Service(s)
Anesthesiology 0 Service(s)
Preventive medicine
Preventive medicine 0 Service(s)
Internal medicine
Internal medicine 0 Service(s)
Ophthalmology 0 Service(s)
Urology 0 Service(s)
Diagnostic radiology
Diagnostic radiology 0 Service(s)


  • General Dentistry ( 2018 - 2020 ) Wide Smile Dental Clinic
  • Medical & General Dentistry ( 2019 - 2018 ) Aurora Medical & Dental College
  • Sr. Consultant ( 2014 - 2016 ) New Apollo Hospital, California
  • Associate Professor ( 2010 - 2014 ) Shyamala Reddy Dental College


  • Periodontology & Oral Implantology ( 2010 - 2012 ) Delta Tricon Dental College
  • Arena Missions University ( 2008 - 2010 ) MBA - Hospital Managementy
  • Oral Medicine and Radiology ( 2006 - 2008 ) New Apollo Hospital, California


Awards and Recognitions

  • Recognized by American Dental Council of America ( 2006 )
  • Recognized by Karnataka State Dental Council ( 2007 )
  • Recognized by Manchester Academy of Oral Medicine and Radiology ( 2019 )


  • United State Dental Council
  • International Federation of Dental Educators and Associations (IFDEA, USA)
  • Cardiac Catheterization Lab Nurse
  • Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant


  • 850613-FR

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James Oliver James Oliver
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